• Sugarcane stalks stand in front of a blue sky with large, grey clouds.

    An interdisciplinary syllabus around the theme of EXTRACTION. Co-created with Dr. Sara Wylie, Department of Sociology/Anthropology and Health Science at Northeastern University.

  • 173 - Dina Gilio-Whitaker

  • Cultures of Energy 8: Schedule of Events

  • 169 - Tim Ingold

  • 168 - Lauren Berlant & Katie Stewart

  • Summer School 2019: Transformative Human-Environment Research & Participatory Methods: From Co-production to Co-producing

  • Book Review: Debating Climate Ethics

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Extraction Syllabus: A CENHS Fellows Interdisciplinary Project

Extraction Syllabus: A CENHS Fellows Interdisciplinary Project

Feb 7, 2020 | No Comments

Last year, leading up to the 2019 Cultures of Energy symposium, the CENHS pre-doctoral fellows …

200 – Laura Nader

200 – Laura Nader

Oct 24, 2019 | No Comments

Wow, we made it to 200 episodes and 250k downloads this week. Thank you everyone for listening for the past nearly four years.  It also seems …

199 – Bathsheba Demuth

199 – Bathsheba Demuth

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Your co-hosts talk clonal trees and dispense important advice about relationships, breakups, and having “the conversation” with your children on …

198 – The Mississippi (An Anthropocene River)

198 – The Mississippi (An Anthropocene River)

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Dominic and Cymene discuss Swiss silence and whether soup can be a meal on this week’s podcast. Then (13:53) …