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Fotofest 2016

Shortly after Rice acquired the new JuiceBOX containers, these new structures served as the site for a combined art installation as a part of Houston Fotofest 2016, a biennial event that draws up to 250,000 visitors to the city. CENHS helped organize the production of the event at Rice by collaborating with two climate change-themed artists to install their respective pieces at the juicebox site. Judy Natal’s multimedia project, “Another Storm is Coming,” captured the devastation in the region between Houston and New Orleans in the decade after Hurricane Katrina. In this piece Natal documents a region that has been hit especially hard by storms, flooding, and rising sea levels, while also considering its proximity to large-scale oil and gas extraction projects taking place on- and offshore. The other installation, “Dear Climate,” was developed by a team of artists including Marina Zurkow, Una Chaudhuri, Fritz Ertl, and Oliver Kellhammer, and sought to make a call to action for humans to renegotiate their relationship to the climate and climate change. Zurkow’s website describes the project as a response to “the psychic dimensions of climate change and global ‘weirding.’ It is a training program for the spirit and the imagination… instead of crisis and catastrophe, ‘Dear Climate’ animates the familiar and ordinary; instead of desperation and heroism, it fosters playfulness and friendliness.”

Photos courtesy of Caitlin Young and Theodore Bale.