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JuiceBOX Installation

In late 2015, three new structures appeared on the Rice University campus. The generous gift of Rice architecture alumnus and Metalab founder Joe Meppelink, the strange structures were shipping containers mounted with solar panels. These containers, or “juiceboxes,” are 20 x 8 climate-controlled microgrids that have the capacity to produce 14kW of power and a 100% renewable power management system, currently located at College Way Loop and Alumni Drive. On the Rice campus, the juiceboxes have been designated as mobile solar generator artspaces, having been used now for several major art installations. Beginning in April 2017, Fossilized in Houston will be using the juiceboxes for a project titled “Like There is No Tomorrow,” a series of interactive installations examining the decline of species through the works of local Houston artists. Prior to this, the juiceboxes were used to house the “Dear Climate” and “Another Storm is Coming” art installations for Houston Fotofest 2016. Fotofest is a biennial event that draws up to 250,000 visitors to the city, and during the event CENHS collaborated with the respective artists of these projects to put on a fantastic exhibition on art, aesthetics, and the everyday in an age of catastrophic climate change.