Call for Papers: Practicing Anthropology: Special Issue Focused on ‘Storying Climate Change’

Posted by on Aug 26, 2018
Call for Papers: Practicing Anthropology: Special Issue Focused on ‘Storying Climate Change’

Climate change is impacting life everywhere on the planet, yet the evidence is not enough to mitigate human behavior or initiate transformations in the economy, corporations and states.

Anthropologists can contribute to societal responses through personal and community narratives. Stories broaden a public understanding of climate, encourage empathy in human experiences of disaster, and connect the everyday lives of people with scientists, policy-makers and NGO’s.

Practicing Anthropology is soliciting submissions for a special issue focused on ‘Storying Climate Change.’ We seek articles and creative pieces that highlight first-person stories of the impacts of climate change, companion pieces from anthropologists and community partners, educators’ experiences of storying climate change in the classroom, commentaries by climate scientist partners working on local or global climate issues, or other creative and scholarly work that addresses the on-the-ground-impacts of global climate change. We are especially interested in stories from the marginalized communities written by historically underrepresented authors, and work that focuses on power and policy.

This special issue will be co-edited by Dr. Susan Crate who has researched, written and taught about Storying Climate Change, arguing the importance of individuals and communities entering into their personal/collective experiences with climate change in order to understand local and regional change to be better informed for the processes of adaptation and transformation.

Please send submissions and/or questions to practicinganthropology@ and see guidelines for authors here https:// practicinganthropology.sfaa. net

Deadline: September 15th