CENHS believes that the scale and stakes of today’s energy and environmental challenges require that universities work together with citizens, non-governmental organizations, government and industry to develop new strategies of energy use and environmental remediation. CENHS’s outreach plan has the objectives of (1) connecting the on-campus work of CENHS to other persons and groups in our region who are similarly committed to positively impacting our energy and environmental future and (2) developing strategies for making the expertise of scholars in the arts, humanities and social sciences more central to responses to today’s energy and environmental challenges. Local outreach is especially important because Houston offers a unique public with deep and diverse expertise in energy. Texas is not only the top oil producing state in the country but also now the largest wind energy producer and a leader in smart grid innovation. CENHS will make good use of its location at the juncture of past and future energy forms to analyze and advise on developing energy practices and institutions that respond seriously the advent of the “Anthropocene,” the era in which humanity’s population and use of energy resources has changed planetary ecology in ways we do not yet fully understand.