CENHS Undergrad Posters on Display at Rice’s Fondren Library

Posted by on Aug 25, 2014
CENHS Undergrad Posters on Display at Rice’s Fondren Library

As the major project in the Spring 2014 CENHS class “Culture, Energy and the Environment: An Introduction to Energy Humanities,” Rice University undergraduates collaboratively researched, wrote, and designed posters (with supplementary digital components) on topics of their choosing related to the energy and environmental humanities.  The posters were first displayed (and judged) at the Third Annual Cultures of Energy Symposium in April, and are now on display at Rice’s Fondren Library (until early October).  Many thanks to the Center for Written, Oral and Visual Communication and the Digital Media Commons for their assistance with this project!

Death By a Thousand Cuts: Slow Violence Poster

Climate Change Denial TO UPLOAD

Public Opinions on Fracking TO UPLOAD

Aligning Public Perception with Nuclear Potential Poster

Natural Gas Pricing Poster

Art Conveys Importance of Climate Change FutureImmediate and Life Threatening Effects of Climate Change Poster

Climate Change in the News TO UPLOAD

Carbon Bubble Poster TO UPLOAD

Post Peak: US Oil Consumption Poster