CFP: Energy Policy Special Issue

Posted by on Jun 21, 2016
CFP: Energy Policy Special Issue

Call for Papers: Energy Policy Special Issue – “Exploring the Energy Justice Nexus”
Guest editors: Darren McCauley, Kirsten E H Jenkins, Alister Forman

Energy is moving up the global political agenda, with poverty, climate change and energy security bringing a new awareness of the links between energy and social justice. Indeed, the resultant material and social transformations taking place within our energy systems are imbued with contestations over what is just, equitable, and right. These concerns reach to the heart of the nascent field of energy justice, invoking competing visions of our energy futures and providing a lens through which to render and challenge energy-related injustice in their differential forms.

As the burgeoning concept of energy justice comes increasingly under the spotlight, so too does the need for a more nuanced understanding of its formation and implications. Against this background, this special edition will present both normative and empirical explorations of energy justice from leading researchers in the field. The papers will, in different ways, inform the theoretical concept of energy justice, as well as informing justice in practice; presenting knowledge that is essential for an understanding of the ways in which energy justice is constructed, understood, and tackled across a range of scales. In so doing, they will allow the exploration of energy justice’s own nexus’; the interdependencies, tensions and trade-offs between its competing domains.

Toward those goals, the editors seek abstracts that address questions of nexus of energy justice including, but not limited to:

Critical theoretical explorations of energy justice frameworks
Applied empirical contexts and methodology
Explorations of energy justice’s role as a decision-support tool for policy-makers
Understandings of energy justice across multiple scales

We are especially interested in papers that consider the policy implications of theoretically grounded work.  Research in politics, geography, anthropology, and sociology are strongly encouraged.  We welcome all methodologies and theoretical orientations.  The project will progress on an expedited timeline, as laid out below.  Papers should be roughly 6000 words.

July 21st, 2016 – Abstracts due to guest editors at:

July 28th, 2016 – Authors notified

September 30th, 2016 – Papers due for peer review

March 2017 – Publication in Energy Policy