CFP: Nature Energy

Posted by on Sep 2, 2015
CFP: Nature Energy

Nature Energy: A Call for Papers

Launching in January 2016, Nature Energy is now open for submissions and inviting high-quality research from across the natural and social sciences. This new monthly, online journal will be a forum for all parties involved with energy — whatever their discipline — to come together and address some of the most pressing questions of our time: Where do we source our energy from? How do we use it? Can we get enough?

Nature Energy will be dedicated to exploring all aspects of the on-going discussion of energy provision; from the generation and storage of energy, to its distribution and management, the needs and demands of the different actors, and the impacts that energy technologies and policies have on societies. It will have a particular interest in studies that advance our knowledge and inform the development of next-generation technologies and solutions.

list of subjects that will be covered.

The journal is now open for submissions. Submit your research online.