Cultures of Energy 8: Schedule of Events

Posted by on Mar 22, 2019
Cultures of Energy 8: Schedule of Events

We are thrilled to announce the schedule for Cultures of Energy 8, taking place Thursday, April 11 to Saturday, April 13, 2019.

Unless otherwise indicated, all events will take place in The Founder’s Room, Lovett Hall, Rice University.

Thursday, April 11:

3pm – Welcome & Opening Remarks: Dominic Boyer (Director, CENHS), Kathleen Canning (Dean, Humanities)

3:30pm – Keynote Panel: Humanists to the Rescue? Public Humanities and the Climate Crisis (Chair: Farès el-Dahdah, Director, Humanities Research Center)

Lacy M. Johnson (Rice U), “The Houston Flood Museum”

Monica Perales (U Houston), “Resilient Houston: Documenting Hurricane Harvey”

Bethany Wiggin (U Pennsylvania), “Pedagogy of the Climate Changed: Experiment, Embodiment, Engagement”

5:30pm – Reception, Rice Welcome Center


Friday, April 12:

9am – continental breakfast provided

9:30am – Panel A: Architectures of Energy (Chair: Jesús Vassallo)

Daniel Barber (U Pennsylvania), “Emergency Exit”

Carola Hein (TU Delft), “The Global Petroleumscape and its Impact on Design Practice”

Sarah Nichols (Rice U), “Opération Béton: Fixed Water and Flowing Concrete in the Alps”

Albert Pope (Rice U), “An Aggressive Retreat”

noon to 1pm – lunch (open to all attendees)

1pm – Panel B: Extraction (Chair: Randal Hall)

Les Field (U New Mexico), “Extractive Capitalism and Emerging Independent Greenland: Elements of Analysis”

Terra Schwerin Rowe (U North Texas), “Of Modern Extraction: fossil fuels, gender, and religion”

Sara Wylie (Northeastern U), “Designing Environmental Justice by Undoing Extractive Research Economies”

3pm – coffee break

3:15pm – Panel C: Aesthetics in the Anthropocene (Chair: Joseph Campana)

Amy Cutler (Goldsmiths), “Hacking the Nature Documentary: Exhausted and Inexhaustible Tyrannies of Meaning”

Andrew Yang (School of the Art Institute of Chicago), “Intimate Materiality Meets the Holographic Self”

Timothy Morton (Rice U), “So I Wrote This Opera”

5pm – end


Saturday, April 13:

8:30am – continental breakfast provided

9am – Panel D: Flood, Retreat & Rise (Chair: Jim Elliott)

Liz Koslov (UCLA), “The Meaning of Retreat: Movement and Unbuilding in a Time of Climate Change”

Rachel Thompson (Harvard U), “Wresting Land from Sea: Dutch Designs on Jakarta”

Dominic Boyer & Mark Vardy (Rice U), “Hydraulic citizenship and elevation in Post-Harvey Houston”

11am – Panel E: Symposium Plenary Discussion (Chair: Niki Clements)

Panelists: Paul Burch (Rice U), Mel Ford (Rice U), Gebby Keny (Rice U), Sherry Kuo (Rice U), Katie Ulrich (Rice U), Clint Wilson (Rice U)

12:30pm – lunch (open to all attendees)

1:30pm – Symposium ends


For further information on the symposium please contact Andrew Stefl ( or Lotte Wit-Meijborg ( from the School of Humanities Dean’s Office .