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  1. Melissa
    October 14, 2012

    For 2 years now I have been campaigning to get lgiislateon introduced concerning energy savings in the home without I have to admit much success although I have had some interest from DEFRA and newspapers.The point I am making here is this we are all aware that we need to make savings in the home for starters it confuses me then somewhat, that when I approach government departments with my energy saving idea which if implemented will reduce energy consumption quite considerably during cold weather months not just in one home but millions year in year out it is either ignored or pushed to another department.This proposal if implemented would save more energy in the home than all other home energy savings put together.Why is this proposal not acted on or at least put up for serious government consideration?(Please see my 360 for link)Add: = ^_^ = You miss the point entirely(Intentionally?)


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