Rice University, Houston TX, April 19th – 21st
Friday, April 19th

Keynote panel
Welcome by Caroline Levander, Vice-Provost for Interdisciplinary Initiatives, Rice U
Welcome by Vicki Colvin, Vice-Provost for Research, Rice U
Introduction by Dominic Boyer, Rice U
Keynote talk by Constance Penley, U California – Santa Barbara
Title: “The Environmental Media Initiative: Transforming Communication and Collaboration among the Sciences, Humanities, Industry and the Public”
Saturday, April 20th

Panel A: Histories of fuel, labor and power
Chair: Kairn Klieman, U Houston
Jean-François Mouhot, Georgetown U, “Fossil fuels, slavery and climate change: past & present similarities and interconnections between slavery and fossil fuel use.”
Thomas D. Finger, U Virginia, “Harvesting Power: Food Energy, Human Labor, and the Industrial Revolution.”
Peter Shulman, Case Western Reserve, “Engineering Economy: Steam Power and the Politics of Coal in the United States Before Thermodynamics.”

Panel B : Ecological imaginations, deep and dark
Chair: Jeff Kripal, Rice U
David Haberman, Indiana U, “The Energy of Cultures.”
Tim Morton, Rice U, “Dark Ecology”
During the break, there will be poster presentations by the following Rice undergraduate students involved in the Cultures of Energy program: Jay Becton, Emily Hughes, Ginny Johnson, Miles Kruppa, Melissa Teng, Kaylee Yocum

Panel C: Communities facing energic and environmental transformation
Chair: Elizabeth Long, Rice U
Richard Hirsh, Virginia Tech, “The Stormy Reception of Wind Turbines: Values, History, and the Poorly Articulated Reasons for Opposition to WindEnergy Technology.”
Cymene Howe, Rice U, “Anthopocenic Ecoauthority in Transitions.”
Paul Liffman, El Colegio de Michoacán and Rice U. “Economies, ecologies and sovereignties in the Wirikuta silver mining dispute, San Luis Potosí, Mexico.”

Panel D: Modeling and imaging climate change and pollution
Chair: Melinda Fagan, Rice U
Eric Winsberg, U South Florida, “Climate Model Pluralism and Entrenchment.”
Aynne Kokas, Rice U, “Circulating Pollution: Weibo, Twitter, and the Social Networks of Beijing Smog.”
Sunday, April 21st

Panel E: Energy, materiality and power
Chair: Cyrus Mody, Rice U
Stefan Beck, Humboldt U Berlin, “No Brownouts in Germany: Towards an analysis of energopractices after Fukushima.”
John-Andrew McNeish, Norwegian University of Life Sciences & Chr. Michelsens Institute (CMI), “Recover Power through Energy?”

Panel F: Environmental art and media
Chair: Caroline Levander, Rice U
Jenny Lin, U Oregon, “Floating Social Sculpture: Contemporary Chinese Art amidst Global Change.”
Claire Pentecost, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, “Of Waste and Work.”
Joe Campana, Rice U, “The Age of the Enervation? Energy, the Arts, and the Future of Affect.”
The lunch break will feature a presentation by graduate students Marcel LaFlamme and Derek Woods of the 2012/13 Cultures of Energy multimedia teaching project

Plenary Discussion: On to the future of energy and environmental humanities
Panelists: Jack Zammito (Chair, Rice U), Bill Arnold (Rice U), Andrea Ballestero (Rice U), Gwen Bradford (Rice U), Gökçe Günel (Rice U/Columbia U), Constance Penley (UCSB), Joe Pratt (U Houston) and Alexander Regier (Rice U)

List of Symposium Participants and Links

Bill Arnold, (Business, Rice University) http://business.rice.edu/Bill_Arnold/
Andrea Ballestero (Anthropology, Rice University) http://anthropology.rice.edu/Content.aspx?id=2147483684
Stefan Beck (Anthropology, Humboldt University, Germany) http://www.euroethno.hu-berlin.de/einblicke/personen/beck
Dominic Boyer (Anthropology, Rice University) http://anthropology.rice.edu/content.aspx?id=124
Gwen Bradford (Philosophy, Rice University) http://philosophy.rice.edu/content.aspx?id=180
Joseph Campana (English, Rice University) http://english.rice.edu/campana.aspx
Melinda Fagan (Philosophy, Rice University) http://philosophy.rice.edu/content.aspx?id=77
Thomas Finger (History, University of Virginia) http://www.virginia.edu/history/user/110
Gökçe Günel (Cultures of Energy Postdoctoral Fellow, Rice University/ACLS
New Faculty Fellow, Columbia University)
David Haberman (Religion and Ecology, Indiana University) http://www.indiana.edu/~relstud/faculty/haberman.shtml
Richard Hirsh, (History, Virginia Tech) http://www.history.vt.edu/Hirsh/
Cymene Howe (Anthropology, Rice) http://anthropology.rice.edu/Content.aspx?id=125
Kairn Klieman (History, University of Houston) http://www.uh.edu/class/history/faculty-and-staff/klieman_k/index.php
Aynne Kokas (Postdoctoral Fellow in the Chao Center for Asian Studies, Rice University)
Jeff Kripal (Religious Studies, Rice University) http://kripal.rice.edu/
Jenny Lin (Art History, University of Oregon) http://arthistory.uoregon.edu/faculty/linj
Marcel LaFlamme (Doctoral Candidate in Anthropology, Rice University)
Caroline Levander (English, Rice University) http://carolinelevander.rice.edu/
Elizabeth Long (Sociology, Rice University) http://sociology.rice.edu/Content.aspx?id=125
Jean-Francois Mouhot (History, Georgetown University) http://explore.georgetown.edu/people/jxm2/?action=viewgeneral&PageTemplateID=125
John-Andrew McNeish (Anthropology, UMB/CMI, Norway) http://www.cmi.no/staff/?john-mcneish
Cyrus Mody (History, Rice University) http://history.rice.edu/Mody/
Timothy Morton (English, Rice) http://english.rice.edu/morton.aspx
Constance Penley (Film and Media Studies, Carsey-Wolf Center, UC Santa Barbara) http://www.carseywolf.ucsb.edu/constance-penley
Claire Pentecost (Art and Photography, School of Art Institute of Chicago) http://www.saic.edu/profiles/faculty/clairepentecost/
Joe Pratt (History, University of Houston) http://vi.uh.edu/People/Pratt/pratt.html
Alexander Regier (English, Rice) http://english.rice.edu/regier.aspx
Peter Shulman (History, Case Western Reserve) http://history.case.edu/faculty/peter-shulman/
Eric Winsberg (Philosophy, University of South Florida) http://www.cas.usf.edu/~ewinsb/
Derek Woods (Doctoral Candidate in English, Rice University)
John Zammito (History, Rice University) http://history.rice.edu/Zammito/