Introducing Rice University’s new Environmental Studies program graduates!

Posted by on May 19, 2016
Introducing Rice University’s new Environmental Studies program graduates!


A happy event years in the making, CENHS is proud to announce that the first two students in Rice’s new Environmental Studies minor program graduated in Houston this past weekend.

Brittany Cavazos (left above) won a prestigious Graduate Research Fellowship from the National Science Foundation this year and is heading off to begin a Ph.D. program in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at Iowa State University in the Fall. Brittany tells us that, “The ENST minor was an important part of my undergrad education because the classes have equipped me with enough information to share with others and enact real change. The interdisciplinary aspect I also believe was an incredibly valuable aspect of the program that has allowed me to gain new perspectives into the social and humanitarian side of environmental studies I would have not otherwise been exposed to.”

Emmy Funk meanwhile will be a fellow at the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Sustainable Communities in New York City. Her work will focus on local initiatives to promote sustainability in smaller communities. According to Emmy, “The ENST minor was really important to me during my time at Rice because it gave me a multidimensional perspective on sustainability and how humans interact with and shape the global environment in many different ways.”

Both Brittany and Emmy have promised to stay in touch with the ENST and CENHS community at Rice and send updates of their adventures and accomplishments to come. Wishing them the very best from ground control!