Karen Pinkus to Lead a Seminar on “Cultures of Fuel”

Posted by on Jan 13, 2014
Karen Pinkus to Lead a Seminar on “Cultures of Fuel”

CENHS welcomes Karen Pinkus to Rice. Dr. Pinkus, a leading scholar in romance studies and the environmental humanities, is the CENHS senior research fellow for Spring 2014. Among other energy and environment related projects, Dr. Pinkus is at work on a book about fuel and the the distinction between fuel and energy. She is also editing a special issue of Diacritics on climate change.

Cultures of Fuel, Spring 2014 (HUMA 203)

This is a one-credit course. It consists of five meetings throughout the semester. The meeting times will be determined by the schedules of the participants.

This one-credit course is open to undergraduates and graduates students from all disciplines. We will meet to discuss “fuels” as something prior to their insertion into systems of power and energy, even though, in everyday speech we often use “fuel” and “energy” interchangeably.

The course will involve close readings from authors including Homer, Apollonius of Rhodes, Dante, Emile Zola, Jules Verne, E.T.A. Hoffmann, Upton Sinclair and Italo Calvino. We will also consider a number of filmic and visual texts to supplement the questions raised in these texts.

Students will be required to purchase a course packet with readings. Grades will be based on class participation. No papers are required.

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