Nerd Nite 95: Party in the Anthropocene – Austin TX

Posted by on Sep 7, 2017
Nerd Nite 95: Party in the Anthropocene – Austin TX

Wednesday, September 13th, doors at 7:30 pm, talks at 8:00 pm

The North Door

502 Brushy St. Austin, TX 78702

[ASL interpreters will be present]

Come celebrate the Anthropocene with us! 99% of scientists agree its going to be a great Nerd Nite.

The talks:


“Secrets of the Feral City,” by Christopher Brown

Could suburban lawns and traffic islands be the path to a greener future? Is it a good thing when you find a coral snake at your bedroom door? Author Christopher Brown will discuss urban wilderness exploration, backyard prairies, and the city as habitat—with a focus on his ecological restoration of the East Austin petroleum pipeline site where he and his wife built their home, Edgeland House, and deeper themes about Anthropocene nature.

Christopher Brown is the author of Tropic of Kansas, a novel published in 2017 by HarperCollins, and writes frequently about urban ecology. He lives in Austin, where he also practices law.


“Low Carbon Leisure, Low Carbon Pleasure,” by Dominic Boyer, Daniel Aldana Cohen, and Cymene Howe

We need to decarbonize our economy and way of life to avoid the worst scenarios for global warming. But giving things up that you enjoy isn’t a lot of fun. So, it’s no surprise that it’s hard to get large numbers of people, Americans anyway, signed up for carbon austerity programs. So we want to turn the tables from austerity to plenty and start talking about all the good times you can have while not contributing to global warming.

Dominic Boyer and Cymene Howe teach Anthropology and Environmental Studies at Rice University and helped found the Center for Energy and Environmental Research in the Human Sciences (CENHS, They also co-host the Cultures of Energy podcast and spent the summer making a movie about the first Icelandic glacier to fall victim to climate change. Daniel Aldana Cohen teaches Sociology at the University of Pennsylvania and researches urban climate politics. With Kate Aronoff, he hosts “Hot & Bothered” a podcast on climate politics hosted by Dissent magazine



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Doors at 7:30, talks start at 8:00. As always, Nerd Nite is free.

Talks may not be given in the order described. Grab a beer and relax!