Online Now: The first issue of the journal Environmental Humanities, with an article by Rice Professor Timothy Morton

Posted by on Nov 23, 2012

  The first issue of the journal Environmental Humanities is now available online. It includes an article by Dr. Timothy Morton of the Rice English department, a participant in Cultures of Energy Mellon-Sawyer seminar. The first issue was also launched with a short video by Dr. Morton and Dr. Cary Wolfe, a discussion of what the environmental humanities might be and do. The video is a response to the following provocation from the editors of the journal: We now often hear a lot about post-environmentalism and post-humanism as two parts of a broader critique of notions of ‘the environment’, ‘the human’, and indeed the humanities themselves. In this context, is there something a bit perverse about embracing the environmental humanities? What value is there in this trans-paradigm scholarship? What are the perils?  

The video can be viewed at: