Plays of Light and Shadows

Posted by on Jan 25, 2018
Plays of Light and Shadows

February 6th – February 20th, 2018

Experiments by Tish Stringer, Lina Dib, and Taylor Knapps.

Rice University, Houston, TX

JuiceBOXes located at the intersection of College Way and Alumni Drive directly across the street from Herring Hall


Outside In Upside Down:

Container Obscura Experiments by Tish Stringer

Tish Stringer turns the world on its head in a shipping container at the Solar Studios at Rice University with ongoing camera obscura experiments through the month of February.  Visitors into this dark room view the outside world projected upside down using the simple magic of light.

On view daily before sundown.

Another container is transformed into a reading room featuring books about camera obscuras, the history of photography and cinema, and various creative techniques using light and shadows.

Once Again and Then Some More:

Finally, in the evenings, viewers will have the opportunity to play with their own shadows on the sides of the containers. Lina Dib and Taylor Knapps’ recent experiment is an interactive piece that allows viewers to play with their former self. Delayed shadows accompany real-time silhouettes in a dance between past and present.

On view daily after sundown.

Sponsored by Rice University’s Strategic Initiatives and the Center for Energy and Environmental Research in the Human Sciences.

Special thanks to Colin Hendee, Rob Purvis and METALabs.

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