Sea of Oil: Story Circle Show & Tell with Laura Napier

Posted by on Mar 3, 2019
Sea of Oil: Story Circle Show & Tell with Laura Napier

Don’t miss this exciting exciting workshop event on Friday March 8–Sea of Oil: Story Circle Show & Tell with Laura Napier. Produced in conjunction with the curatorial project “Collective Presence,” Sea of Oil gives participants the chance to explore the imbrication of the Houston petroleum industry with everyday life. Bring your personal items related to oil and gas and share your story. All workshop members will receive a copy of an artist produced book. Spaces are limited so make sure to RSVP right away! See the official press release below:

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Sea of Oil: Story Circle Show and Tell
6pm, Friday, March 8, 2019

3400 Main St
Houston, TX 77002

Houston is an oil and gas town, and here, the industry is part of everyday life. Share your swag, and your story, during this event. Participants are invited to bring personal items related to the oil and gas industry from coffee mugs, t-shirts, key chains, etc. for a show and tell. Items brought by participants will be discussed and photographed. All participants will receive a copy of an artist produced book, created from selected stories and images, to be released in fall 2019.

IMPORTANT: spaces in this workshop are limited and RSVP is required. Please email with the subject line “Story Circle” to reserve your spot.

Sea of Oil traces visual and narrative social cultures in Southeast Texas, where oil, gas, and petrochemical industries are embedded. Through gathering stories and objects, Sea of Oil looks at how oil and gas cultures intersect with everyday life, as we are faced with massive, global climate change.

This show and tell is the first in a series of Sea of Oil story circles that will shine a light on oil & gas communities through collecting and preserving stories from industry workers and their families, residents of fenceline communities, activists, social scientists, and artists. 

Show and tells setup will include a live camera video feed connected to a video projector, so that participants can share their small objects visually at much larger scale via video projection. The artist book will feature screenshots from the show and tell, and selected text from from participant’s stories. Everyone who participates will receive a copy of the book.

Coming from many sources and viewpoints, stories compiled in a book will be a snapshot of the current moment, capturing the social impact of oil and gas on everyday lives, through text and image.

I first learned about the story circle format through attending the U.S. Department of Arts and Culture’s Culture/Shift 2018 conference, and am excited to open up the project Sea of Oil directly to participants, through this format.