Two fully-funded Environmental Humanities positions at Mid Sweden University

Posted by on Apr 7, 2014

Sweden has recently been putting substantial funding into the environmental humanities, and encouraging scholars from other countries to teach and study there (as witness the recent call for a national programme for environmental humanities research from the Swedish foundation for strategic environmental research).


The Department of Humanities, Mid Sweden University, Campus Sundsvall, announses a call for applications for two doctoral positions in English, literary studies, preferably with an emphasis in ecocriticism/environmental humanities.

Dnr MIUN 2014/695

The Department of Humanities at Mid Sweden University (MIUN) offers bachelors, masters and doctoral studies in English. The academic environment is currently expanding and is in the process of relocating from the Härnösand to the Sundsvall campus during 2014. Successful research is carried out within the subject’s two lines of specialization, literature and linguistics. English studies at Mid Sweden University is nationally competitive in terms of the number and quality of applications it draws from prospective students in these study areas. The English subject environment includes ten faculty members, with a full professor and two associate professors among the subject’s five senior scholars.

The Department of Humanities at MIUN is currently developing a study profile in Environmental Humanities (ECOHUM). As a lead subject anchoring this new initiative the English study environment at MIUN is keen to recruit doctoral candidates and develop doctoral thesis projects that can contribute to this area. English studies at MIUN already includes ecocritical components and features throughout the curriculum, from the undergraduate through the doctoral levels of study, as well as strong Environmental Humanities dimensions in multiple externally funded research projects, and these elements are well integrated alongside American studies and post-colonial approaches in the study of English literature at MIUN.

The Department of Humanities is recruiting two salaried doctoral candidates in English, with a focus on literary studies and a particular emphasis on ecocritical/environmental humanities approaches.

Work duties: Doctoral studies (80%) and department service and/or teaching (20%) over a period of five years.

Requirements: For third-cycle (i.e. doctoral) studies in English, specialising in literary studies, both basic and specific requirements must be met and the applicant must be considered to have the required ability to benefit from the course or study program. The basic prerequisites are met if the applicant has satisfied the requirements for an education comprising at least 240 credits, of which at least 60 credits were awarded in the second-cycle (in some contexts, e.g. North America, at the advanced Bachelors level, with the BA degree having been attained by the applicant, and/or at the masters level, though not necessarily with the MA degree having already been attained by the applicant). The specific requirements are met if the applicant has acquired substantially equivalent knowledge in some other way in Sweden or abroad. Very good English language skills are needed to complete the third-cycle studies in time.

Assessment grounds: Selection of successful candidates will be based on evaluation of the applicants’ demonstrated ability to benefit from the third-cycle/doctoral study programme, including assessment of theses/dissertations and other academic papers submitted as work samples. Evaluation of the project description submitted by the candidate for his/her future thesis project will also be a key consideration in assessing the applicants.  Apart from demonstrating an excellent knowledge of the subject, candidates who successfully engage ecocritical/interdisciplinary environmental humanities approaches to their proposed doctoral work will be given priority, with other specializations in literary studies being considered secondarily. In the case that applicants have otherwise equal merits, equal gender employment opportunities will be taken into consideration.

Processing of applications will be carried out in accordance with The Higher Education Ordinance (Högskoleförordningen), Chapter 5.

Terms of employment and start date: The position involves doctoral studies (80%) and department service and/or teaching (20%) over a period of five years. The employment start date is 1 August 2014

Place of Employment: MIUN Campus Sundsvall

Salary is set according to the local agreement in effect for doctoral candidates/research students at Mid Sweden University.

Information Further information on these positions can be obtained from Professor Steven Hartman, email:, or Head of the Department of Humanities Jonas Harvard, Further information on the Department of the Humanities can be found on the department websites (  for the Swedish-language site; the English language site is currently under construction).

Union representatives: Ummis Jonsson, SACO Union, telephone +46-(0)63-16 53 08, and Lollo Ljuslin, the ST/TCO Union, telephone +46-(0)63-16 57 14.

Required application materials: Along with your application letter you should include the following materials in your application packet: an itemized CV supported by documentation, an academic biography of the applicant written in English, a copy of the applicant’s C-level essay in English, or the equivalent in the case of studies carried out in non-Swedish institutions of higher education (e.g. advanced-level undergraduate essay in English); a copy of the applicant’s magister/masters (or corresponding) thesis in English; a detailed description in English of the applicant’s planned doctoral thesis project (maximum length: 5 pages); relevant publications or documentation of merits, including professional experience relevant to the position.

All application materials must be submitted in duplicate to the Registrar Mittuniversitetet, 851 70 Sundsvall. The position reference number (Dnr MIUN 2014/695) should be clearly visible in the application and supporting materials. You are welcome to submit your application not later than 16 May 2014.