Upcoming Talk at Rice by Paul Burrow, Yale School of Forestry

Posted by on Oct 22, 2018
Upcoming Talk at Rice by Paul Burrow, Yale School of Forestry

All those interested in cultural studies, the environmental humanities, ecology and more, here’s an exciting upcoming Rice event to put in your calendars:

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Forest Afterimages: the Cultural Politics of Place in North America’s Great Basin

Presentation by Paul Burrow, Yale School of Forestry

Tuesday Nov 6th, 12 noon at Wiess College 146

How do before-and-after images shape claims about what people, plants, and animals belong to a landscape? Analyzing published and unpublished photos series, combined with site visits, Burow explores how before-and-after images are a form of discourse that shapes canonical ideas about ecological change in Great Basin woodlands. He argues that the marked after-image, and its enframing in texts through titles, captions, and image formats, is convincing as evidence because it triggers an affective response in the viewer, manifesting particular feelings about landscape change (sometimes positive, sometimes negative). As human communities vie over their stake in landscapes undergoing rapid change, Burow aims to engage the rhetorical and political impacts of approaching change over time through images.

Paul Burow is visiting from the School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and the Department of Anthropology at Yale University and an affiliate of the Yale Environmental Humanities Initiative.